Why The Skin Peels: How To Avoid It And Prolong The Tan

    Peeling skin is also called desquamation. It appears when your skin’s outer layer becomes shed when the damage to your skin starts recovering. Some external events can lead to this condition, like a burn. Internal causes can be autoimmune diseases and reactions to medications.

    Treatment involves home remedies and medication. Some over-the-counter medicines help you to overcome this condition. For example, peeling skin can be a symptom of any health condition that needs proper attention and timely treatment.


    Your skin may be in the process of healing after being damaged. There could be many reasons for this damage. Some possible reasons are given below.


    You can call it a common type of burn. Exposure to some ultraviolet rays can cause burns on your skin. You can get the burn from the tanning beds too.

    Skin Irritation

    When your skin is rubbed against clothing or other skin, you can get irritation on your skin for an extended period. However, anger can damage your skin if you rub it continuously.

    Chemical Burns

    Some beauty products and household cleaners can cause chemical burns. These burns can peel and make your skin damaged.

    Thermal Burns

    When your skin comes in direct contact with any hot surface, fire, or liquid, you can get a thermal burn.

    Acne Treatment

    Some acne treatments that contain retinoids can cause damage to your skin, and the skin starts peeling.

    Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels contain retinol that is useful in treating scars and wrinkles on your skin. It can cause the peeling of your skin’s upper layer.


    It is also called atopic dermatitis. It makes your skin peel and red. There is another type of eczema that is termed dyshidrotic eczema and can cause blisters on your skin. 


    It is swelling of your skin that can appear after a blood clot or if someone is suffering a heart failure. Your top skin layer starts peeling off with the decrease of swelling.

    Tips To Avoid Skin Peels And Prolong The Tan

    Getting rid of the peeling skin is associated with its cause. For example, if you have experienced a skin peel after sunburn, the best you can do is leave the skin alone. However, you can do a few things to heal your skin if the injury is not too severe.

    Pat Skin Dry After Getting A Bath

    Pat the skin dry after getting a bath. Do not rub your skin. The reason is that a towel rub can be a harsh rub on your skin. It can also make your peel worse. It can make your skin drier. Your skies are a result, your arts becoming flakier.

    Stay Hydrated

    Water is essential to make your skin hydrated. If you want to keep your skin smooth and moisturized, drink a lot of water. It also helps to decrease peeling. If your skin is wet, the chances of peeling are less.

    Apply Moisturizer

    As you exit the shower, the amount of water present on your skin dries by evaporation. That is the reason you should be careful in applying moisturizer after taking a bath. The moisturizer locks in and helps your skin to prevent dryness.

    If your skin is dry and you do not apply moisturizer carefully, your peels can become more damaged. Therefore, it is essential to moisturize your skin in the best possible way you can.

    Try A Gentle Exfoliant

    It helps you to remove the dead cells present on your skin. Do not apply it if your skin is burned from the sun. The reason is that it can make your burn worse and make the period of healing long.

    Use A Humidifier

    A humidifier can help you if your skin peeling is mild and the cause of it is dry skin. Humidifiers add moisturizers into your room or home’s air. It allows you to reduce dryness. 

    If your skin is peeling continuously and you don’t know the exact cause, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Sometimes home remedies do not work for your skin because the reason for peeling skin may be an underlying health condition.

    In this case, it is more important to consult a doctor. You should firstly treat an underlying health condition that is causing a skin peel. Your doctor diagnosed the health conditions and planned the best treatment for you. 

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