Detailed Instructions To Install a Raised Bed Garden

    As the fall has arrived, building a raised bed garden can be an entertaining fall project for a gardener. You will be very relieved to know that this is an easy task with no special skills or DIY tricks required. Here we will discuss every possible aspect and fact about how to build a raised garden bed.

    So let’s start from scratch; when we say raised bed garden or raised bed, the image that comes into our mind is some garden above the ground level. Traditionally It can place it on a stand situated in your backyard or front yard, or it can be simpler than that. It can also do it by mounding soil on the ground without using any frame. This requires no additional material other than soil.

    So there are two types of raised bed techniques available.

    • Raised ground bed: As we discussed earlier, in this technique, you don’t need anything other than good quality soil; this is fairly the simplest way to build a raised bed garden. All you need to do to mound the soil on the ground is give it an eight to twelve-inch height and flatten the top, and your raised bed is ready
    • Supported raised bed: In this case, you will need a frame to support the raised bed. The frame materials can be anything. You can Buy the raised bed kits from any gardening store or build them on your own. Concrete brick, wood, plastic, metal, different materials are available.

    You might think, why use raised bed gardens? What is the specialty of this? So let’s discuss the benefits of raised bed gardens.

    Benefits of Raised beds:

    • Many gardens have poor quality soil, raised beds to give you the advantage of controlling your soil, you can mix compost with the topsoil and make a nutrient-rich soil that is good for plants.
    • They can keep away weeds from the plants due to their elevated surface.
    • They promote well-maintained drainage, that prevents erosion
    • Perfect for small spaces
    • Gardening chores become easier; you don’t have to kneel or bend to do all the work thanks to above ground garden boxes; they provide enough height that they won’t hurt your back after working for hours in the garden.
    • Last but not least aesthetically very pleasing. A raised bed is one of the artistic ways to build your garden. It will make your backyard look more organized.

    While building your raised bed, you must consider a sunny spot on the site because a raised bed needs almost 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

    Tools and material you might need: 

    • Screwdriver
    • Drill
    • Screw
    • Hand saw (if you are making a Timber raised bed)
    • Cutter
    • Ruler or tape for measurement
    • Timber or metal sheet or plastic, whatever material you have chosen for the beds.

    Before starting the installation, plan the garden properly where you want it if that space gets enough sunlight if the water source is near to that place. It is advisable to give the bed 18” of depth to grow almost every plant that grows in raised beds. Assemble the beds and start growing.

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