Five Signs of a Broken Sewer Line You Must Know

    A home is a lot more than what meets the eye. It is a system of intricate designs that streamline all processes to make your life easier. Your home’s sewer system is one of these important details that complete your home.

    Your sewer line is an important part of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about its presence and maintenance eventually. Your sinks, tubs, and toilets back water every day, and it goes through a system. There can be a lot of problems if this system is compromised. 

    Here are some of the important signs that your system might be broken.

    Bad Odor

    No one wants a bad odor to enter their home. It can be a terrible experience. Of course, your sewer system does its best to take the contaminated water away from your home. However, it cannot work effectively if it is broken.

    You can look for sewer lateral replacement antioch ca if there is a presence of toxic gas in your home. They can assess the situation and see whether the sewer line needs a fix or replacement.

    Slow Drains

    Every homeowner wants to ensure efficiency in every aspect of their life at home. In this fast-paced world, no one wants to sit idle while waiting for things to happen. Slow drains are a sign of a damaged sewer line.

    You cannot figure out or fix the cause of the problems yourself. Therefore, it is best to call professionals for help.

    Frequent Clogs

    It can be unfortunate when someone cannot take a peaceful shower without worrying about clogging their sewer line. Of course, every homeowner has faced his or her fair share of clogs. However, clogs too frequently can be a cause for concern.

    A sewer replacement expert can determine the best ways to avoid this problem. They may even be able to help you adapt some habits to reduce the instances of clogs. This way, you can worry less and enjoy more.

    Sogginess in Lawns

    Have you ever walked in your lawn only to be unsettled by the sogginess of the grass? If so, you are not alone. There are many homeowners who may share the same problems as you. The stagnant water in your lawn could be here because of a broken sewer line.

    The water from your sewer line is contaminated and can be very harmful, especially if your children or pets play on the lawn. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that you call a reliable plumber as soon as possible. They can look into the problem and provide a solution.

    Rodent Infestation

    No one wants rodents in their home. Unfortunately, if you face a rodent problem even after your best efforts, it can be a sign of a broken sewer line. Rodents and insects live in the sewers but can creep into your home if it is cracked. 

    Hence, seeing unusual rodent or insect activity can be your sign to get with a plumbing expert for your sewer.

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