How to Install a Smart Thermostat at Home

    Smart Thermostats are probably one of the best smart devices to have graced the domestic market. Other than the fact that they come with a ton of benefits altogether, smart thermostat installation is even easier to do at home by yourselves.

    For a while now you would find that smart homes are quite common to find in the United States. They have gone from being a mere concept to actual reality, and all credits go to the fact that smart devices have become easily and readily available to the domestic public. So not only are smart devices available in several common markets, but they are also reasonably priced which is what allows us to make that transition from an ordinary to a smart home.

    But before we get into the smart thermostat installation process, here is an overview of what you actually sign up for when you install a smart thermostat in your home.

    Smart Thermostats Are Worth the Investment

    Of all the smart home devices, we would definitely recommend swapping out your old thermostat with a smart one – and there are many great contenders out there! It’s no understatement that a smart thermostat is an investment in your home. With its long-term benefits, any homeowner will be satisfied with their purchase.

    So how does a smart thermostat compare to an ordinary one? Well, much like all smart devices, these can be controlled wirelessly and remotely through their associated mobile applications. While some may have a touchscreen or buttons for manual adjustment, we don’t think anybody would want to go back to that once you have the liberty to control the device from your mobile phone – and that too even when you’re miles away! Yes, that’s right, smart thermostats, given that they connect to the home Wi-Fi network can be accessed from practically wherever. It is also what enables some of these devices to use their motion detection and mobile tracking features in order to switch themselves on or off.

    But that’s not all. The fact that smart thermostats are controllable, with added features like temperature adjustment, eco-friendly temperature settings, scheduling, and filter change alerts along with much more, there is no room for energy wastage. That means you can switch on the thermostat only when you’re minutes away from home rather than leaving it on for the whole 30-minute trip to Walmart – or control the device as needed in any other scenario for that matter. The point is, not only do smart thermostats help mark your green footprint in society, but you would eventually see a decline in the heating and cooling bills over time. Isn’t that a win-win?

    How to Install a Smart Thermostat

    As we mentioned above, one of the greatest things about smart devices is that they are easy to install by yourselves, even some wired ones for that matter. So when it comes to smart thermostats, they can definitely be installed without the need of a professional coming in. Here are some basic steps involved in the installation process, but remember it’s always useful to keep the instruction manual handy because not every device is the same.

    1. First and foremost as per safety protocols, since installation would require handling electrical wiring, you would have to switch the power off of the outlet from the main circuit breaker of your home.
    2. Remove your old thermostat and its mounting plate in order to install the new device’s mounting plate first. While removing the thermostat, carefully disconnect the wiring from it.
    3. Once the smart thermostat’s mounting plate is in place, take the wires out from the opening within the plate. This makes it easier to connect the wires to the smart thermostat.
    4. Connect the wires to the device as instructed. If you find this tricky then refer to the instruction manual for more detail.
    5. Check if the power button is at the back of the smart thermostat so that you may switch the device on before placing it into the mount.
    6. Once your device is powered on and placed into its mount, you can now switch the power back on from the home circuit breaker and what’s left is to follow the instruction manual to configure the smart thermostat from its mobile application!

    One thing, however, even though smart thermostats are fairly easy to install by yourselves, you must remember that there is electrical wiring involved. If at any point you feel it would be a problem for you to do so by yourselves, there is always the option to call in a professional.


    So are smart thermostats worth the investment? Definitely! Imagine saving more on your monthly billing than you ever did before, all the while being energy efficient and enjoying cozy temperatures within your home. Smart Thermostats usually range from between $99 to $250, each bringing with it some great features for homeowners to benefit from. Head on over to today and browse through their catalog of smart home devices. You’ll find plenty of options for smart thermostats, and at reasonable prices.

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