Tradable Products, Commissions, Bonuses and Much More

    Are you searching for the essential details regarding, such as bonus, commission etc.? Then delve into this article right now? 

    What is is a CFD and forex broker providing services online. They are regulated by various jurisdictions. In addition, they offer multiple instruments in which you can trade. They also provide several trading platforms as well.

    History of started providing its services to retail traders in 2008. They have a lot of high-profile partners, such as Arsenal FC. Their CEO is passionate to improve the experience of customers with the assistance of technology.

    Tradable Products

    Luckily, the users of can get the advantage of trading in a lot of markets and assets as well. Firstly, they allow you to trade in 67 forex currency pairs, including the major, minor and exotic.

    In addition, forty major stock indices are available on the platform. When it comes to cryptocurrency, they offer trading in 25 cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. They also offer some other financial instruments that are listed below:

    • 2,000 shares on major global currencies globally
    • Twenty-eight commodities that include energies and metals
    • 66 EFTs
    • Four bonds
    • Share dealing (EU/CySEC)
    • Spread belting( Restricted to UK residents only)

    Commissions and Spreads has extremely competitive spreads. In the case of EUR/USD (0.7) and for GBP/USD, it is 1.3pips. Bear in mind that actual pip also depends on a lot of other factors.

    Moreover, does not charge any commission fees, but if the positions are held overnight, then they can ask for rollover fees.

    In times of high volatility, the slippage that  is defined as the difference between the expected price and the executioner’s price, can go against a trader. 

    In addition, if you don’t use the account for a long time, then they may charge you an inactivity fee.

    Leverage provides you with leveraged trading. In the case of the traders hailing from Europe or the UK, the max leverage levels can be 1:30. On the other hand, for African and traders from other parts, the leverage can be as high as 300:1.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    Bonuses rely on the country from which you are registering. Keep in mind that owing to regulatory conditions, the customers from Europe and the UK can’t claim for the promotions.

    Furthermore, the bonus demands some volume’s requirements and bonus withdrawal restrictions as well.

    When you open an account, the details regarding refer-a-friend schemes and sign-up bonuses will be visible to you. In addition, you can get the details via a live chat service as well.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum up the article, we would like to say that has been providing their services for quite a long time now. In this article, we have tried our best to discuss leverage, bonuses, tradable products and commission. If you think we have missed something, add it in the comments section below.

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