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    Visit FANUC at the FABTECH Trade Show to Learn More About Their Latest Automated Solutions for Painting and Coating

    At the 2023 FABTECH convention in Chicago, color data on painted test panels will be measured and collected by a FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot equipped with a BYK-maci end-of-arm tool. Manufacturers can use this automated technique to check whether a final color meets their exact specifications. The example shows how firms can employ cobots for paint inspection, even though cobots have not been commonly used for automobile coating before.

    For more information on robotic coating applications that include visual guidance and coordinated motion, interested firms should check out FANUC’s paint-specific robot range (all U.S.-designed and made since 1982).

    Visual Tracking for Robotic Painting

    To paint parts mounted in a variety of orientations on an overhead conveyor, a FANUC P-40iA paint robot employs iRVision 3DV and a brand-new software feature called Visual Tracking for PaintTool. First, the robot’s built-in vision sensor identifies the part and its orientation. The robot then simulates painting the part using an HVLP spray gun. This demonstration shows the robot’s capacity to swiftly adjust to new configurations and orientations.

    The PaintTool™ software is designed to make working with FANUC painting robots easier. Customers can now rapidly and accurately track and paint arbitrary components with Visual Tracking for PaintTool, powered by iRVision’s 3DV Sensor. As a result, consistency and throughput have both seen huge improvements.

    A Guitar Will Be Painted By a FANUC P-40iA Robot

    FANUC’S R-30iB Plus Mate controller will be used with a second P-40iA paint robot to show coordinated action with a turntable, in which the robot paints a wooden guitar body by rotating it. The robot will paint the body as it rotates 360 degrees, ensuring that every surface is coated.

    The P-40iA robot’s tiny arm design allows it to slip into tight spaces while still providing a 1,300 mm reach and a 5 kg payload. The P-40iA features a cast aluminum frame, a pressurized and purged arm, the purge module from FANUC, and solenoid valves built into the trigger. The FANUC P-40iA can be outfitted with any applicator and application equipment, making it a one-stop automated spray system for all painting needs, no matter whether they employ liquid, powder, FRP chop, or gel.

    The P-40iA robot has flexible mounting options that allow it to function in confined locations. It can be installed on the floor, inverted, on a wall, or at an angle. The P-40iA is controlled by FANUC’s most recent high-performance R-30iB Mate Plus robot controller and can be programmed offline using FANUC’s PaintTool robot software.

    Paint Tracking With the 200iA PaintMate

    The orientation of an auger will be determined by using iRVision 3DV and FANUC’s new Visual Tracking for PaintTool software function on a Paint Mate 200iA robot. By adjusting to pieces that may have moved throughout the cycle, the robot demonstrates its versatility. Following this, the Paint Mate 200iA simulates spraying the component with an HVLP paint gun. Once finished, the component is put on the conveyor in a random location, and the process begins again. The example makes use of FANUC’s recently released Visual Tracking for PaintTool software feature.

    The small Paint Mate 200iA can be used for a wide variety of painting tasks, including those that need extended reach for assembly and handling activities or those that take place in potentially hazardous environments.

    At FABTECH, numerous seminars will include participation by FANUC professionals.

    About FANUC America Corp.

    FANUC America Corp. is the American division of the industry-leading Japanese CNC system, robotics, and ROBOMACHINE provider FANUC CORPORATION. Manufacturers in the Americas can benefit greatly from FANUC’s cutting-edge technology and years of experience in the field to maximize their productivity, profitability, and reliability.

    The main office for FANUC America is located at 3900 W. Hamlin Road in Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309. The company has branches all across the Americas. Interested parties can contact 888-FANUC-US (888-326-8287) or visit for further details.

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