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    The main reason why Germany Virtual Private Servers are becoming more and more popular is because of their great price/performance ratio. If you don’t have time to search through all those cheap Germany VPS Server providers and doing in-depth research just to find one with low prices, it can help you solve that problem. We’re proud of our company’s reputation and want to show it off by offering cheap hosting services with no gimmicks or hidden fees! Our servers come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee which means if your server goes down, we’ll give you a free month on us.

    It offers fast SSD drives and solid-state hard drives (SSD) as well as RAID10 protected servers so that there is no data loss even if something happens to your server. Your data will be stored on multiple drives so if one drive fails, all of your data will still be safe on another drive.

    Why you should use Germany VPS Server for your business?

    If you are looking to improve your business, Onlive Server gives you what you need with one of the best VPS cloud services in Germany. Your business and your team deserve to have optimal performance, security, and efficiency on the server so that you can be productive and save money. With Onlive’s Germany VPS Server, you get exactly that! A powerful Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud service at an affordable price in one of the world’s best-connected data centres in Germany.

    Use Cloud Technology

    Cloud computing makes it possible to access resources from a web browser or a mobile device at any time and from anywhere in the world. This isn’t just ideal for companies that are transitioning their infrastructure to cloud-based services; it’s ideal for all businesses, because of what we call the economics of etherealization. It’s had enough experience in delivering Cloud/Hybrid Cloud solutions which help businesses reduce cost, cut total ownership costs, simplify management and control complexity.

    Full Customization

    One of Onlive’s best features is its full-customization, allowing customers to manage and change their services in real time. For instance, with a single click, it can shift from a web-only service to include file transfers and email if desired. The account dashboard provides clear information about bandwidth usage and up-time. This can help companies know how well their sites are performing, improving efficiency and ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.


    You can also access your cloud server from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. The service is scalable, and can grow with you as your business expands. This means that you won’t need to pay a huge lump sum of money up front. Additionally, since the servers run on our high-performance network architecture, they are extremely fast and highly responsive—even during peak usage times.

    Get Full Technical Support

    We are here to help you 24/7. Our network and server experts are always ready to help at a moment’s notice, providing support through our ticketing system, phone or live chat. This kind of full-service control panel is unheard of with shared hosting. With Onlive Server, we do it all and do it better. You get all of our resources—staff, hardware and bandwidth—which means no sharing in terms of quality or performance.

    Improve Reliability & Security of Your Business

    Having reliable and secure cloud server hosting with Onlive is much safer than owning and operating your own data centre. Your data won’t suffer from downtime, network failures, or physical disasters. In case of hardware failure, you can easily switch to a new VPS within minutes, with no interruption in service. This will ensure that your operations run seamlessly 24×7, even if something unexpected happens at your office or location. With an Onlive server, you have more time to focus on growing your business and less time worrying about keeping it running.


    Our Germany VPS hosting platform provides an impressive amount of RAM, storage and processing power. It’s made to help take pressure off your current system so you can focus on what’s most important: growing your business. With our generous allocations, we make sure performance is never an issue. You’ll have all the resources needed to run at full speed and deliver great results. We created an infrastructure that uses some of the best technology available on market today in our data centres to host your business.

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