Guide to choosing the right eyeglasses online including cat eye glasses


    Generation after generation, glasses have always been considered an essential accessory in the wardrobe of any man or woman, although for many it turns out to be more than a simple accessory to look better since they are also used to help with severe or moderate visual problems.

    Despite the fact that shopping online allows you to save time and money, many fear that their choice is not the right one, since they do not have the opportunity to try them or see them physically on their face before buying them.

    For this reason, Vooglam has created a guide to choosing the right glasses including cat eye glasses frames online for those who want to buy the perfect model without having to leave home, as well as being able to have the peace of mind and security that their choice has been the best. The only thing you need to know is what type of face is yours.

    In order to be sure of what type of face your is, tie your hair and leave your face completely uncovered, then stand in front of a mirror take a lipstick or some marker and follow the contour of your face. So, you can see the silhouette you left and identify the shape in a much easier way, and thus you will have fewer doubts.

    Face types:


    Something that characterizes a face like this is the cheeks, since this area is the widest of the face, while the forehead and jaw are narrower. To make a round face look slimmer and longer, use narrow, angular frames to increase the length of the face.

    For this type of face, it is best to use a frame like cat eye frames that totally contrasts with the round shape using angular shapes and large sizes. They will give more symmetry to the face and make it look slimmer.

    Model: Cat eye or Square.


    In the case of this face, the forehead is wide, the cheekbones are wide and marked, and the jaw is in an angular shape. To be able to mark a contrast, it is best to choose a frame with circular and delicate shapes, making an effect that softens the features and very marked features.

    Model: Round, Rimless, Aviator.


    Also known as an inverted triangle, something that defines this face is the jaw, since it is the narrowest part of the face, while the forehead and cheekbones are larger. The best option will be glasses like cateye glasses that have thin frames to maintain the delicacy of the features. As well as, oval frames that follow the shape of the face that is wide above and thin below.

    Model: Wayfarer, Cat Eye, Aviator.


    This is perhaps the most versatile face. What characterizes the oval style is a totally elongated face and very delicate features, so people with this type of face can use any model of glasses, since they will all look great.

    Model: Round, Aviator, Cat eye, Oversized.

    Additional Recommendations

    It is helpful to know which colors go best with your skin tone. For example, if you have a fair complexion, it is best to choose thick and dark frames with cool colors such as black, blue, and silver that highlight the eyes.

    If the complexion is darker, warm colors such as gold and brown are ideal, since, if you want to show a more delicate look, you can choose a fine and thin frame.

    When looking for your glasses in the online store, you can check the characteristics and description of the product, read carefully, and see the measurements that they provide you, for example the size of the lens and the arch of the nose.

    Also, the reviews of customers who have already bought the model you want to buy can help you a lot as a reference.

    Why do some glasses look attractive in the optician’s window, but not so pretty when you try them on? It could be because the style of the frames is not right for your face shape.

    It’s true, the shape of your face is a significant factor in whether a specific style of eyewear will fit you.

    What is the shape of my face?

    To determine the face shape and eyewear styles that will look best on you, brush your hair back from your face and look directly in the mirror. Look carefully at the general shape and contours of her face and hair.

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