How to Play Fantasy Cricket on BalleBaazi App?

    If you are looking to play fake cricket online, you will need to have some knowledge of the strategy and predictions of a team of XI players who can win you a lot of points. False cricket is not about spending a lot of money, but it is about knowing exactly what certain players will do in the game and making the right calls before the game starts.

    How to Play Fantasy Cricket As a Pro?

    The top tips that will help you play your cricket fantasy app successfully are:

    • Understanding player performance
    • Unexplained voice function
    • Knowing which players are playing 11
    • Cost calculation
    • Selecting high-level hitters

    Understand Player Performance

    Understanding how a player performs is important because you have to lose dignity in situations like this. A player like Harbhajan Singh may have been in good shape back in 2012 or 2013 but he is not the same power we should think about today. You have to analyze and select players based on their current form and the frequency with which they play in their teams.

    Understanding Pitch Performance

    The field plays a key role in determining the outcome of a game and it is important that you understand it well in advance. True, you can’t say for sure, but some calculations can be based on location. You wouldn’t know that Eden Gardens is a faster pitch compared to Chepauk and you can pick up throwers faster than necessary. Based on the voice, you can select groups accordingly.

    Find out if the players are playing

    You need to know if a player is playing that day as it is very bad if you pick someone and the captain finds you injured or left out of the game. Try to choose players who are flexible and have a strong place in the team. If you have similar doubts, the best thing you can do is not take it for granted.

    Calculate Costs Properly

    There are players who have higher prices than usual but who do not perform at the level they are expected to come out of. Watch the games and you will see a few teens playing at a good level. Choose them as they can reward you well and give a good balance to your team, which increases your chances of winning cash prizes.

    Choose Batsmen for the highest order

    If two teams play alone, try to get as many top strikers in the team as possible. Top strikers tend to score higher goals as they face more balls and this means less chances for midfielders. Select players from the first four positions to increase your chances of earning more points than expected.

    Bonus Points

    Track the best players on the field because you can earn extra points based on catching, trapping and exiting. A player like Jadeja may play down a series of battles but may not catch a few or run out, which adds to your bonus points.

    BalleBaazi is the best fantasy cricket app you can work with, giving you the best chance to win the most and get the prizes you want.

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