What Causes Corruption in PST Files and Top Remedies to repair Issue ?

    One of the worst things that can happen to an Outlook user is a corrupt PST file. When a PST file is corrupt, it can lead to extreme data loss, especially if there is no backup available. A number of reasons can lead to Outlook PST file corruption, including power outage, virus attack, oversized PST file, incomplete Outlook shutdown, etc. The good news is that there are many ways to repair a corrupt PST file and get your data back. However, the best way to avoid PST file corruption is to create a backup of your data regularly. That way, if you do experience a corrupt PST file, you will have a backup to restore from.

    One of the most common reasons for PST corruption is incomplete Outlook shutdown. When we try to force quit Outlook for some reason and it doesn’t close properly, there is a high chance of PST file corruption. To repair corrupt PST files and not to lose any email items,  you can use a professional Outlook repair tool like Stellar Repair for Outlook. This tool is highly effective in repairing corrupt PST files and recovering all lost mail items without any data loss. It also supports repairing of Password protected and encrypted PST files. Therefore, it is the best tool to repair your PST file and get back your lost data.  The PST Repair Tool is an excellent tool that can easily repair corrupted or damaged PST files and also recover all the mail items from the corrupt PST file. It also provides a choice to save the recovered mail items in several formats like MSG, EML, HTML, etc. The features of this tool are really good and it worked perfectly in my case. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who is facing any issues with their PST files.

    MS outlook is a robust application with multiple users across the world. However, it suffers from a serious flaw associated with Outlook data files, like PST file corruption. The major issues that have been encountered thanks to problems with the Outlook file is a replica of mailbox items, like contacts, emails, item, calendar . While PST files are generally very reliable, they can become corrupted due to a number of factors, including file size issues, damage to the hard drive, or malware. When a PST file becomes corrupted, it can cause Outlook to crash or behave erratically, and it may even result in data loss. There are a few methods that can be used to repair a corrupted PST file, but in many cases, the only solution is to create a new PST file from scratch. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially if the corrupted PST file contains a large amount of data. As a result, it is important to take steps to prevent PST file corruption in the first place. For example, users should make sure that their hard drives are healthy and free of errors, and they should avoid opening email attachments from unknown or untrusted sources. Additionally, regular backups of Outlook data

    What Causes PST File Corruption?

    There are many reasons which will cause Outlook PST file damage or corruption. Hardware-related issues like bad sectors on the disk drive , power fluctuations, sudden system shutdowns, etc. can all cause PST file corruption. Software-related issues like virus or malware infections, using unreliable third-party tools, improper shutdown of Outlook, etc. also can cause damage to PST files. To avoid these issues, it’s important to use a reliable PST repair tool which will safely repair corrupted PST files. Furthermore, always keep a backup of your PST files to avoid data loss just in case of any unforeseen situation.

    Oversized PST or Large PST files

    In older versions of Outlook, the recommended maximum size for ANSI PST files was 2GB.  From outlook 2010, UNICODE PST files are used, which have a way larger recommended maximum size of 20GB. Once a PST file exceeds or reaches this mentioned limit, Outlook’s performance will start to degrade. Users may notice delays when trying to access the mails or  send and receive emails. These are early warning signs that there’s an issue with PST. If the file size continues to extend beyond the recommended limit, inconsistencies can develop, resulting in errors and eventually corrupting the PST file.

    System Crash

    Windows and Outlook are two of the foremost popular software programs employed by businesses and individuals alike. However, both of those programs are vulnerable to crashes, which may cause data loss. Hardware failure is one among the foremost common causes of crashes, but OS issues and software conflicts also can cause problems. If a crash occurs while users are working with PST files, it can damage the file,  which may cause permanent data loss.  For some cases, if the crash is serious, the user should not reboot the system, which may also cause lost mail items. Fortunately, there are some belongings you can do to stop crashes and protect your data. for instance , you’ll create backups of your PST files on a daily basis. you’ll also install updates for Windows and Outlook as soon as they’re available. By taking these precautions, you’ll help to stop data loss within the event of a crash.

    System Shutdown

    An expected shutdown of Outlook will have damaging consequences to the PST files that are stored on the system. These system shutdowns cause damage to the PST file, which leads to data loss. Just in case of force pack up , there’s always an opportunity that some data from the file could also be lost. Albeit the info isn’t lost, it is often corrupt and should not be usable. To avoid these situations, it’s better to use an Outlook backup tool which will create a backup of the PST file automatically. this may make sure that albeit the first file is lost or corrupted, you’ll still have a backup that you simply can use to revive your data.

    Force Shut Down of Outlook

    Although it’s going to be tempting to force close Outlook when it freezes or stops responding, this will actually cause PST file corruption. PST files are employed by Outlook to store data, and if they become corrupted, it is often difficult or maybe impossible to access your email. rather than force closing Outlook, try restarting your computer. this may usually fix any temporary issues which will be causing Outlook to freeze. If Outlook continues to freeze or stop responding, you’ll have to upgrade your system hardware or repair any issues together with your PST files.

    Repair Tool for PST File Damage or Corruption

    To repair a corrupt PST file, users need to use SCANPST.EXE, or a PST repair tool from Stellar. While the Inbox Repair Tool or SCANPST.EXE is suitable for little PST files with minor corruption, the Outlook repair tool provides a more comprehensive solution for dealing with large or severely corrupt PST files. With advanced options for exporting the recovered mail items to a replacement PST file, Office 365, or Live Exchange Server, the Outlook repair tool can help you get your inbox back up and running with minimal disruption. Thanks to its precision and integrity, you can be confident that your recovered data will be complete and accurate. Whether you’re dealing with a minor glitch or a major problem, the Outlook repair tool is your best bet for getting your inbox back in working order.


    While Microsoft Outlook is one among the foremost widely used email clients round the world, there’s no denying that it’s also susceptible to errors and issues. One among the foremost common problems faced by Outlook users is PST file corruption. PST files are employed by Outlook to store messages, contacts, tasks, and other data. However, these files can become damaged or corrupt thanks to a spread of reasons, including software glitches, hard disc errors, and unexpected power outages. When this happens, users may start seeing strange error messages or find that a number of their data is missing. In severe cases, the PST file may become completely unusable.

    Fortunately, there are a couple of belongings you can do to assist prevent PST file corruption. First, confirm you usually close Outlook properly before shutting down your computer. Additionally, avoid opening Outlook files from network drives or shared folders, as this will cause the PST file to become corrupted. Finally, think about using a backup program to make regular backups of your Outlook data. This way, if the worst does happen and your PST file becomes corrupt, you’ll still have a replica of your data that you simply can restore.

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